Stuffy Buddies

Poor wee Lola Pug hasn’t had a lot of play dates with her regular buddies recently, and it’s really starting to show in her behaviour.

She is WAY more beansie than normal – my sore and bitten ankles and toes can attest to her masses of unspent energy – and I think she (shockingly) needs a little bit of canine companionship.

I don’t know what tipped me off to that….

Sweetie…we have a few play dates coming up with some of your best friends…you think you can hold off until then?

For such an antisocial pug, you sure need your friends, little one.


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11 responses to “Stuffy Buddies

  1. Tell your mom that it is all about monitoring your royal subjects and certainly not about companionship!
    PS. That lime green is really a good color for you, Lola!


  2. Payton's Gampy

    That is a comfortable looking bed you got there Lola! Not sure how happy I’d be with that sea dragon next to me though! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



    • Thanks, Gampy! It sure is comfy. It’s one of my MANY comfy beds, though. And don’t worry about the sea monster. I call him my Puffy Fish, and I kill him on a regular basis. He’s my buddy.


  3. Sandi

    Happier days ahead Miss Lola !!!!! You have soooo many friend & they all love you !! Hugs !!!! Oh right – let me just ” blow you a kiss ” !!!!!!!


  4. Play dates coming soon Lola! 🙂


  5. That just may be the cutest picture of Lola ever!


  6. Cat

    This is one of the best photos ever. Just made my day. Thank you, Lola.


  7. Ivan the Wicked would be delighted to relieve your loneliness, Lola, if you’re ever in his neighbourhood in your travels. He’d even let you play with Teddy and his stick collection. Of course, I don’t think a stick tug-of-war would work very well. (Visions of Lola Pug being launched over the horizon like a spear from an atlatl, oh dear, while Mister Wicked looks on in astonishment.)


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