I Do Not Need a Tray….

“Airport” and “Airplane” are magic words for the Pug. They make her very happy and excited, which leads me to believe that she really likes traveling, and all that goes along with it.

Well. Maybe not *everything* that goes along with it.

Small black pug sits, bored, in an airport security screning tray, waiting to be picked up by her mum.

I guess it’s not just people who are fed up with the security theatre of air travel.


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12 responses to “I Do Not Need a Tray….

  1. Cat

    Oh, dear! Does Lola have to go through the xray machine each time?


    • Oh, GOODNESS NO! No live animals through the xray machine! That would be so terrible for her. I carry her through the metal detector, and then set her in the tray when I’m reassembling myself.


  2. It’s amazing how much we put up with, huh Lola girl? I hope you got a treat for having to sit in a bin. Although I have to admit that despite the fact that the car ride isn’t the most fun, I always love the destination. So where are you off to? I’ve always wanted to try flying so we could go to far away lands, but mom and dad are too nervous to let me. We may just rent an RV instead and head to the west coast next year. I’ll let you know in case we want to meet and talk from a few feet away.


    • P – mama flies with me all over the place, but we’re out West right now. I LOVE flying – but I always go in the cabin, and mama picks the flight times and airlines carefully. It IS all abut ME, afterall. Mama did a post this summer for another blog on flying with me: http://www.montrealdogblog.com/8895/pugs-fly/ Maybe it will convince your people? Not sure if your MD will let you fly, though.
      And I’d love to talk close up! As long as you don’t move in forever, and all….


      • That was a fun article and I just love the picture of you in the car! So for some reason I was thinking that you lived on the west coast since you’ve met up with Winston so many times, but do you live closer to the east coast in Toronto or Montreal?


  3. Lola, you are a frequent flyer and can take these slight indignities in your little stride 🙂 Love the picture. You are such a cutie!


  4. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    Great picture! What a seasoned traveler you are, Lola!


  5. Sheesh Lola, you’d think the humans would treat you like the queen you are, rather than furry luggage. BOL
    Happy traveling,


    • Tell me about it! I wish Mama would work harder, so she could afford the private jet I so deserve. But then she’d have less time to snuggle ME, so it’s a real struggle, let me tell you.


  6. How adorable – I’ve never flown with Apollo but I’m sure he would absolutely love the people and hustle-and-bustle!


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