Retail Therapy

The Pug and I are still trying to get back to normal after the chaos of the last few weeks, and what better way to kick start that process than with a little retail therapy.

Lola Pug isn’t allowed edible treats, so when we go to The Best Place in The World (our local pet food store), she generally snuffles the floor for tasty motes and then spends a goodly amount of time pining away for the cat toys.

Golly, pug. You sure know what you want, eh?

…cute haunches, by the way.

Sorry, sweetie. You already have a metric buttload of toys at home. And I’m not going to let you gum up that fuzzy mouse. I know you just want to eat him.

Ah, Lola Pug. She clearly feels the same way about fuzzy mice as I do about shoes. But we MUST exercise SOME restraint every now and then. It’s character building. …or something like that.


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16 responses to “Retail Therapy

  1. Mel

    What a personality she has!


  2. Oh, Lola! I feel your pain. What’s the point of even going in that store if you aren’t going to get to take something home? Sheesh!
    PS. VERY cute haunches!


  3. Sandi

    Yes Lola – no point in going to ANY store if only to window shop !! I mean who does that anyway ??!!!! Hang in , I’m sure the next time out you’ll score something , after all a girl can’t have enough pairs of shoes & HRH can’t have enough toys !!!!! !!!!!


  4. Ahh! Cute haunches for sure. I love her little legs when she’s stretchy like that. Poor Lola has to experience one of the pitfalls of being a lady like all the rest of us — too many pretty (or fun) things to buy, always.


  5. Good stretch Lola. It’s a pity I wasn’t with you – I could have reached the things on the top rack and passed them down to you 🙂


  6. Lol! Love that she wants the cat toys. She looks adorably cute and stylish in her little pink sweater!


    • Cat toys ROCK! Totally! Mama won’t let me have them anymore, though, ’cause I try to jam them all into my mouth and swallow them like I would in the wild. ‘Cause I’m a wild pug like that.


  7. Fab sweater, Lola. BTW, our cousin Sheba only plays with cat toys. But she’s a 4 pound Pomeranian. Her favorites are the tiny balls of marabou. Another BTW, Tallulah would totally eat those.


  8. Miss Lola,
    The best thing to do at a doggy toy /treat store is to drag your tongue along everything …that way Mama will feel embarrassed enough to buy it for you. Its a secret ploy that I use with fair success. Woofs and Wiggles


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