Griffie Party!

Good golly, we have really got to catch up on Lola’s weekend adventure with the Griffies!

Bentley and wee Clara (a ringer for Lola Pug, I tell you), have adept “will dance for treats” skills, which were on full display. They were bookended by Osgood and little Rocco in their efforts (Osgood, who might have too much sense, and Rocco, who, if I’m being brutally honest, simply might not comprehend).

Osgood, Clara, Bently, Rocco

Unsure as to how to react to such displays of dogginess (The Pug would NEVER knowingly perform tricks for treats), Lola resorted to snuffling the patio for cookie motes.

Rocco, perhaps not quite understanding the Griffie game, came to join his lifelong friend.

After the Griffies were done with their treats, and had finished their zoomies around the yard, we all retreated for a rest.

It seems that all of the excitement was too much for Osgood, who flaked on his Mum’s lap, and wouldn’t even wake up for kisses.

Lola and Bentley, sharing a common, more serious demeanour, seemed to bond (without touching each other – The Pug has her limits, you know)…

…and all were simply TOO flaked out to be very excited for the group shot before we left.

Clara, Osgood, Bentley, Lola and Rocco

Oh, Osgood and Lola Pug, you really look pooped.

We had SO much fun (the people did, at least), so we’re planning on another play date soon.

Poor Lola Pug wasn’t quite sure what to do with all of the competing cuteness, but she has since recovered well, and I am confident she will be happy to see her new buddies again at our next get-together.


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11 responses to “Griffie Party!

  1. Mel

    Lola is as cute as ever, and Rocco! Omg! I just want to put him in my pocket. The resemblance to Ella is uncanny.


  2. I can totally see why this would be a fun day for the humans, on the other hand I am totally with you Ms. Lola Pug! Even though I grew up loving my giant schnauzer “aunt”, my mom has just started socializing me with other pugs at age 8 1/2. Doesn’t she know I’m stuck in my ways and have no reason to “hang” with other dogs that will surely reduce the treat quotient that ends up in my belly? But like you there are a few that I have perhaps bonded with. My mom always says, “oh, I think she likes so and so…well, as much as Payton is going to like another dog/pug”. This was a long comment, but I just really wanted to say, Lola, I relate!


    • Payton,Oh, I was fully socialised from Day 1, but I am Lola Pug – why should I share my spotlight? We must stick to our guns – ONLY PUGS, UNITE! …but unite at a distance, and no, you can’t stay over to talk about it….


  3. Sandi

    Seriously laughing at this one – made even better by the fact that Rocco & Lola do NOT put on a show for anyone !!!


  4. Michele

    We LOVED reading the adventures and are sad they’re over! Can’t wait to play again with our new friends real soon!!! 🙂


  5. Mia

    Miss Lola, you are as ravishing as ever. Sadly, the momma can’t stop squeeing over Osgood. She keeps mumbling about her next dog!! I hope she doesn’t think I’m going to agree to this!!! I’m good as long as they’re staying and I’m leaving or I’m staying and they’re leaving.

    Hang tough Lola!!!




    • Exactly, Mia! My mama keeps looking at the rescues who need homes, and thinking that an older one will be okay with me. NOT! Mama needs to learn. Perhaps I shall bite her feet a little bit now….


  6. You can keep your fuzzy pugs. Honestly, there’s so many cute, needy critters out there, our house would be even fuller than it is now. Only pugs. Only. And only the kind of pugs we can boss around.


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