Dog Rock Band

Last we left our little pug, she had just met Arnold…Arnold of the Personality, Arnold of the Yowling, Arnold of the In Yo’ Face, Arnold who could drive the Energizer Bunny to his grave.

Arnold loooooooves his Mum and Dad, and Arnold looooves his siblings, but Arnold doesn’t always looooove visitors, so he came out to play – and run and run and run – and then went to bed for a little time out.

But never fear.

Much to the pug’s horror AND hidden delight, Arnold’s siblings came out to play….

Bentley - Therapy Dog Extraordinaire

Handsome Osgood and the Princess Clara

There was no escaping the SOCIAL for Lola Pug. She was surrounded and outnumbered!

…not a bad album cover, actually…if there were such things as dog rock bands.

Can you spot the differences between The Pug and the Griffies?

…To Be Continued…again….


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11 responses to “Dog Rock Band

  1. Oh, this is getting good! Lola, don’t worry, I’m not the social butterfly either, but mom and dad have found that I will tolerate almost anything if they had out the treats!


  2. Mel

    Osgoode kind of looks like my previous foster alien, Ella.


  3. OMG. Who owns so many cuties?!?! If you had added any more, I would have DIED.


  4. Griffies are cute, they look like Ewoks. But pugs are still better. Just saying.


  5. Fantastic photos Lola! I especially like the one of Handsome Osgood and the Princess Clara – absolutely stunning!


  6. Hi Miss Lola,
    That last picture looks like a gang of lil rascals- I would love to bounce around with them- you are lucky to have such great friends.
    Benny Wrinklebottom


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