A New Friend

Lola Pug and her people had a bit of a rough week, and adventures were put on the back burner for a little bit. Poor pug has been kind of a “pug in the background” this past while, and that just isn’t what HRH is used to, so something had to give.

I decided that we needed to visit some new friends for a play date.

Always suspicious of me, The Pug was even more cautious when she came into her new buddy’s home and found…

…”Who on earth could we be dealing with here?”, thinks the pug. (ed note – Well, that’s how I interpreted her glare at me)

“Where the heck have you brought me?”, her eyes seemed to say to me. (ed note – what her eyes were saying was actually worded a little differently, but this is a family blog)

Lola … meet your new buddy…


Dear friends, I can hardly wait to tell you how well *this* little surprise went over.


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6 responses to “A New Friend

  1. Oh goodness! This is going to be a great story…I can’t wait! Lola, make sure you keep your mom honest in the telling!


  2. Ha, ha! Can’t wait for this storey to unfold.


  3. Love it! You must tell us more about Arnold!!


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