The Three Amigos

Despite The Pug’s innate aversion to water and rowdiness, she loves to hang with her friends.

Tilly the Golden (who made her Lola Pug debut earlier this year) and Trigger the Bichon are two such friends. They are trouble with each other, but they respect Lola’s need for quiet lap time, and they don’t seem to be bothered by her disdain at their mucky, dog activities.

And every so often, I catch a quiet moment that has all three friends in the moment with each other….

Something tells me a duck has been spotted.

Your blood may be royal, but you can’t escape your inner dog, little pug.


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5 responses to “The Three Amigos

  1. It is great to have good friends that can respect the pug (great pic by the way)! And I guess it’s ok to admit that we have our dog moments, huh Lola? I’ll confess that I like to go for walks and smell stuff. Whew…that was easier than I thought, but enough of that…where’s my snuggle blanket and handful of treats, mom!?!
    PS. If you haven’t already, I’d be so honored if you’d check out my blog sometime Lola. I live with PDE and want to bring awareness to this disease and get the word out that there is hope…plus share all my fun adventures…not the dog kind…the human kind…dinner, traveling, etc!


    • Payton. My mama has visited your blog before, but we’re officially following you now. PDE is soooooo scary. Bravo to you, mister! Mama has been scared of it for me all my life, but now that I’m six and a half, she’s hoping the threat is over. Really enjoying your blog, btw. Keep up the amazingness!


      • Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to pressure you into following, but I’m super happy to have you, thanks! I just didn’t know if you’ve seen it or not…
        I should tell you that I’m a girl. I know the name is a bit confusing…mostly a boy’s name, but a few girls out there rock it. I was named by my dad after a football player so go figure!


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