Dogs and Cottages… Pugs and Cottages….

Dogs and cottages.

Can you think of a happier combination?

There are LAKES to SWIM in… and STICKS to retrieve…


…and STICKS to TUG with your FRIENDS!

Or… If you are a pug…

…you can watch it all, reluctant, disgusted and confused, by the sidelines.

She wouldn’t even come onto the beach, she was so horrified by the “dogginess” that was taking place below.

Oh, pug.


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10 responses to “Dogs and Cottages… Pugs and Cottages….

  1. Sandi

    You don’t expect HRH to partake in this kind of craziness do you ???!!! LOL !!!!


  2. Lola, I think I’ve finally found my long lost sister! I just could not agree more! Where’s the lounge chair and the food on a silver platter?


  3. Lola you old dog,
    When I was younger I sort of got the tug of war thing but now……it just seems so done. Please turn the heat to high my side and crank up the seat warmer, the weather is changing.


  4. Sequoia Tuni and Emma

    We agree why oh why the beach 🙂


  5. Hmm. We’ve never been to a lake, but we’ve been to the ocean beaches. We don’t care for the giant waves on the Outer Banks, but the smaller ones in the Chesapeake Bay are okay. As long as the water is warm and mom is in it with us, we are water pugs.
    You can keep the stick thing though. Fetch is so dog.


    • Hahaha! DOG is so dog, no? Pugs are separate beings. Never to be confused! I won’t even go into the water if mama is in it. Don’t trust that stuff at all. In my drinking bowl only, please!


  6. winston

    Oh Lola you really are a true Diva Pug! Actually I probably would haves sat off in the distance toos…. thoses dogs looks way to hyper for me!



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