Pug Ahoy!

Autumn really is the most pleasant season, as far as the folks at Casa Lola are concerned.

We take every chance we can get to be outside, adventuring and cramming in all of the sun and warmth we can before the long, cold winter hits.

This year, we’ve been hitting up the lakes hard. Lola isn’t too thrilled about water or boats, so we thought we’d give her a chance to *really* get in on the action, and drive for a while…

…but that didn’t seem to maker her experience any better, really.

It wasn’t until we tied up at the dock and cracked open a couple of refreshing beverages that she really got into the boating thing.

So easy to make some creatures happy, yes?

We really are such simple souls in this household.


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3 responses to “Pug Ahoy!

  1. I wish we lived near a lake to have lots of adventures. I must say, Lola, you don’t look too happy in the first shot. The stuff we do for humans is just ridiculous! I hope to make the most of fall also, starting this weekend. Hope you enjoy yours too!


  2. Lola, go easy on the Heineken – at least until you gain your sea legs 🙂


  3. Lola, we think you secretly enjoy these adventures. But you look taciturn and disapproving to manipulate humans into giving you more attention and/or treats. Genius.


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