Party with the Puglets

Last weekend, Lola was invited to go to an ocean-side romp with a group of her West Coast pug friends.

It promised to be a delightful occasion, and one we were very eager to attend. Seeing a dozen or so happy pugs snorfeling around together is one of the most joyful things a pug person can behold.

The only thing that could conceivably trump it, in terms of sheer delight, is…

…yes. A basket full of TINY BLACK PUG PUPPIES!!!

One of the pug meet up regulars had brought their pug puppies with them for some careful socialisation before they went to their new, forever homes.


I brought The Pug over to meet the wee ones, thinking she might whisper a few words of big-pug wisdom into their ears.

Alas, the love-fest was completely one-sided.

Never one to be misinterpreted, The Pug told me loud and clear what she thought of these puppy shenanigans.

My dear Lola Pug… as tempting an idea as it was, we managed to resist the irresistible, and we did not bring home a little sibling for you.

I just couldn’t take a lifetime of that look from you.

The Pug did have fun, otherwise, though…more to come from the Meet Up in days ahead!


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14 responses to “Party with the Puglets

  1. Lola, that look is absolutely priceless! Those puppies are way too cute, but I totally understand that you couldn’t let on and risk the chance of a new sibling!


  2. I want the one with the blue collar. How they call out to the pug lover in me!
    But alas, Roxy would never forgive…….sigh.


    • The blue collar guy was a big dude with lots of personality. He could have taken Roxy on, no worries! Mama wouldn’t give up the little one sleeping with her lips all flumphed – near the top of the photo. As if she is cuter than ME! *snort*


  3. Mel

    Best. Picture. Ever.

    Oh Lola, you made my day.


  4. Mom says squee! But she remembers how bad we were as puppies. She would lose her mind with a bucketful. And not in a good way.


  5. Lovely Lola – I love the photos!


  6. Lola, if my people did that to me, I would have made the same face. That was not nice. Hailey

    Hailey’s lady LMAO!


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  9. Awww they are too adorable, but that look! My little Nitro would LOVE another sibling to play with, he pesters his jack russell brother constantly 🙂


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