Ahoy, me heartys!

Yar – so we been on an airship all day today, ya scurvy mates, and we haven’t been able t’celebrate *completely* in t’style that we are used to, but Lola would like t’take this opportunity t’wish you all a … HAPPY TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

We be “garrrr”in’ and “yarrrr”in’ at each other (and at t’awesome flight crew) all day long today.

T’ere ain’t nottin like a pug wench in a pirate dress to do t’day up right.



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8 responses to “PugaPastafarian

  1. You are a hoot, Lola! So where are you going on that airship?


  2. Hysterical. Love the dress Lola – and so glad you’re coming back to the Big Smoke! 🙂


  3. I want to see what you were wearing, it has to have been a Keith Richards kinda head gear at the very least.


  4. That is a truly awesome dress, Lola. Epic.


  5. winston

    ahoy matey! hoist those sails and set sail for anywhere far far away from those little pug puppies! It must always be about you and me, and only us, not some silly puppies to distract our moms from us!!!!

    Grrrr arrrr nice outfit today, Lola…. I mean Pirate Girl.


  6. Hailey says she is glad she doesn’t get dressed up that much . . . .


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