Tiny Puggies…In the Wine….

One of the benefits of being a “pug person” is that folks already think you’re kind of cracked, so I say … why not go all the way?

In an effort to appease the weather gods into prolonging summer, we decided to have our version of a luau – Canadian-style.

The Pug, of course, was the star (as she always is)….

Luaus apparently aren’t really The Pug’s thing, so we were happy that she decided to come out and join us. Perhaps disappointed at the lack of poi and roast pig, though, Lola participated by glaring at us as she attempted to nap.

Despite having fun (well – the humans did, at least), I think that we succeeded in actually pissing the weather gods off, because the weather has been kind of crap ever since.

Or perhaps the pug has higher connections than I thought….


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11 responses to “Tiny Puggies…In the Wine….

  1. Pink is so your color, Lola! But I agree with you that a Luau wouldn’t be much fun without the roast pig. Our weather got really cold all of a sudden too! Hope you have a good weekend anyway.


  2. Andy

    Beck, that’s just wrong.


  3. Mel

    I think she has connections. One pug tells another pug who tells another and soon enough, they’ll take over the world. Forget Rihanna and Jay Z – pugs are running this town.


  4. Sandi

    You continue to crack me up Beck !!! And love you too Miss Lola !!!!


  5. Mia

    Poor Lola!! All that work and no roast pig??? For Shame!!




  6. “One of the benefits of being a ‘pug person’ is that folks already think you’re kind of cracked”

    Hahahaha, oh, I love that so much more than you know!!!!


  7. lobela

    Oh Lola, you look so pretty and annoyed! I was thinking of doing the Hawaiian theme for halloween. Then I would be Luau Lulu! Not sure I can compete with you though 😉


  8. Lola, surly works on you. That pattern our moms are talking about is going to be perfect for you.
    But never underestimate the power of the pug. If we weren’t so focused on eating and napping, we could totally take over the world.
    BTW, our mom is totally cracked.


  9. Southern Fried Pugs

    Her name was Lola, she was a show girl…
    Or are you a Kinks girl?


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