Wherever I Lay My Pug Hat

Oh, the life of a jet setting pug.

…catching the last days of summer, wherever we can find it.


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6 responses to “Wherever I Lay My Pug Hat

  1. What a beautiful view.


  2. winston

    OMP at firsts I thoughts…..hat….. hmmmm did Lola gets a beanie hat likes mine! But nope you didn’t and thank your lucky pug stars you didn’t!

    PS we will be seeing yous on the meet up but check the time….. it may be moved to a later time. Mum may update a new time on Thursday (12:30).



  3. Mia

    Oh Miss Lola, you do get to go to the best places!!




  4. Smile Lola, the sun is shining! 🙂


  5. Hi Lola! My name is Payton and I think your blog is so cool! I think we share some friends and thought it was about time that I come over and say Hi. I love your picture in this post! Such a pretty pug you are! I too am trying to savor every last moment of good weather before the cold gets here.


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