Pug Summer Picnic

I guess it’s only fair that while we eat picnic sushi, the pug has a little snack from the bountiful salad bar that is the lawn, yes?

Hey, sweetie – you got a little something … just there … right there …

Oh, nevermind.


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4 responses to “Pug Summer Picnic

  1. Is it fair to show photos of yourself when you were a puppy? I don’t know but that Lola keeps lookin younger and younger, must be glossy coat is blinding my eyes.


  2. Mia

    You look like you were enjoying your salad!! Why do mommas insist on taking pics of us at the most inopportune times?!?!?



  3. winston

    Don’t worry Lola….. I get caught with grass hanging outta my mouth too. Kinda embarrasing I know cuz mum says I am not a goat. Oh well if she doesn’t feed me more treats what does she expect!



  4. Oooh, i just want to kiss that smooshed face of yours!


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