Farewell Crazy Coconuts

Grace Kamiliotis 1998-2011

Hats off to you, Gracie, for surpassing everyone’s predictions and expectations.

You have enriched our lives and now you have broken our hearts, but we know that you’re at peace.

Gracie and her Pug Mum, Sassy - 2008

Your family – Mumsie, your sisters and wee Rocco, miss you terribly. Even Lola misses you, little one, but you have passed your mantle on to her, and so your unique puggie spirit will live on.

Gracie of the Wild

May all of the gardens in your new home have lush, ripe mango trees, may all of the cows come lean and pre-cooked, and may you always have someone to bark at and someone to play with.

Gracie - August, 2011

Peace, dear little soul.

We will be looking for you on the other side.


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7 responses to “Farewell Crazy Coconuts

  1. Sandi

    Thank- you so much for writing such a beautiful memorial to everyone who loved sweet Gracie. While I have tears in my eyes reading this , you also leave thoughts of celebrating her life.

    Thank-you Rena for loving Gracie, My thoughts are with you….
    And also to Ev, Do & Bec & Lola .. sorry if I missed anyone.

    Seems like only yesterday I brought her into this world – she was loved soo much by so many…..

    See you someday ” Grumpy Gracie ” – you always made me smile & laugh !


    • She sure was a unique spirit! I can’t decide what I’ll miss most – her attitude … her little strut … her nose bites … her larval body… she defies categorising. NO she doesn’t! DIVA! Diva to the max. She was a special girl, indeed.


  2. OH NO! another pug has left us this years. So many pugs have left us since January. I miss our dearly departed buts…. I know that when it is my time I will be joined with them once again. We send our condolences to the family.



  3. Such a sweet little face. Hugs to all whose hearts she touched!


  4. A lovely tribute to a very lovely Pug.


  5. Mia

    Such a cutie!! Our hearts break for her family!! We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time!!




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