No Pugs Island

Once again, we took The Pug to a glorious part of the world. Surrounded by nature and loveliness… and she was thrilled to bits about it all…

Nice. Thanks, again, pug.

Hm…what’s this?


Your kin have clearly been here before.

Perhaps the local residents are a bit too sensitive about your comments on island life, pug.

Or maybe it was the bears.

We shall endeavour to find friendlier – and more interesting – shores for you next time.


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5 responses to “No Pugs Island

  1. Sandi

    Yup looks like ” bear paw ” printing to me !!! No worries HRH (-:


  2. We had to turn the car around and go back to make sure it said what it said. I couldn’t believe it!


  3. That is AWESOME! I mean, not so awesome for Lola, but.. well. Still awesome.


  4. Unusual and very breed specific!


  5. NO PUGS the nerve!!!!! PFT well I am sure us pugs could find a much better place to walk anyways. PFT that place isn’t good enough for us pugs!



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