Adventure on Pug Island

The pug is very nonchalant about having her photo taken. She’s had a camera stuck in her face since she was about 8 weeks old, though, so I can see her point.

It’s actually becoming quite difficult to get a photo of her that has *any* sort of animation in it at all.

Witness the limited acrobatics I put myself through to get a shot of her….

Not even that will impress her.

Thoroughly bored, no?

This photo was taken, of course, *before* we spotted the bear.

Now THAT would have been an action shot.


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2 responses to “Adventure on Pug Island

  1. Wow and I thought my Mum did some pretty bizarre stuffs to gets me to pose. Did you say “bear”? wow I never seen one face to face, they freak Mum outs. We got a bear bell cuz she is so scared of them. I say show me a bear and I will show em who is boss!

    PS I thinks we can let you in the boys club. You are kinda tomboyish. After all the girls got that Salinger guy in their club cuz he is kinda….. well you know…. girly, he has a thing for rainbows. You gotta promise if you are a member you cant defect to the other side. Those girls are our enemies when it comes to the club!



    • Hey, Winston. Apparently the bear was about 100 meters behind me. I didn’t see anything, as I was scooped up fast, and we ran outta there. Apparently it’s hard to scrabble up rocks in flip flops, but this is a lesson learned for the kibble lady, yes?

      So happy to be a secret club member! I don’t snitch, and would NEVER switch sides. I like to hang with the boys, doncha know. Next time I see you, we can pee on things together, and you can teach me the secret tail wag.


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