Friends … and Benefits

Oh, Pug, you look rather … *splat* today.

What on earth has made you like this?

…rewind to 20 minutes prior….


I see. A new friend.

Lola’s new BFF, Zor, is very good with small dogs, and I believe it is his unique “roll and gently squash” technique of playing that had The Pug so engaged and excited to play with him.

A tired pug is a happy pug. And a happy pug makes the world right.

Happy long weekend, Canadian friends.


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4 responses to “Friends … and Benefits

  1. Cat

    Lola should come play with Jinx, even though he is not a pug, he also likes to “roll and gently squash” little dogs. He does this with my inlaws’ (part-time) wire-haired Dachsund and his little sister (who is just a small Finnish Lapphund). He is amazingly gentle with little dogs and scared of big ones (read: his size).


  2. Sandi

    Hope your weekend was wonderful Lola & Bec !
    I am sure one certain ” bullmastiff ” I know would love this type of relationship as well – perhaps her ” card ” is full… ???!!!!


  3. Lovely pictures Lola. You look so beautiful when you are ‘splat’


  4. I agree with Bassa. Love your splat photo. lol


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