The Queen and Sheba

Like most dogs (and people), Lola has an inborn need to have purpose in her life.

From about Day One, I realised that the Pug’s full-time job is clearly to be The Boss of Me, and she performs that duty admirably. So why on earth wouldn’t she also be The Boss of Sheba, the downstairs neighbour’s large, snorting Shar Pei?

As long as they stay this far apart, everything is right with the world. Sheba, you see, is a dear to her people, but would likely, I think, love to turn a certain small, black pug into a mid-day snack.

Pug, stick to bossing your people around, and things will work out just fine.


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3 responses to “The Queen and Sheba

  1. Lola’s safe on that balcony. Shar Pei is a guard dog and Sheba is the queen of the underground and just carrying out her life’s work. The pug was created to bring warmth to our lives, I read that they actually were bred to sit in the lap and give warmth. This was way before central heating. So we have to ask a little friends, “Now what are you going to do?”.


  2. Oh dear…. yes Lola this is good advices…. don’t mess with a Shar Pei. A snack is something you don’t wanna be!



  3. I like your balcony 🙂


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