My Pug is Vigilant

I’m pretty sure The Pug expends more energy during The Dinner Vigil than in agility class and puggie-friend-wrestling, combined.

She sits.



For a very long time.

For as long as it takes to break me down.

It’s so creepy.

I bet I’m not afraid of scary movies anymore.


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6 responses to “My Pug is Vigilant

  1. Lola sees right into your soul.
    That is what is a wee bit disconcerting about these creatures.
    She also has an internal time piece finely tuned to world wide dinner time.


  2. Lola, you’re too cute!


  3. Great picture of Lola – get her to audition for ‘Twilight’ 🙂


  4. I don’t think I’d be able to say no to that face… out of fear. lol


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