Puggie Payback

It sure is hot out these days, which means the pug gets to take her swimming lessons in the great outdoors.

Is she happy about this?

Hell, no.

She might be cooler in the water, but she’s *wet*.

So … is she happy now?

Of course she is.

She’s wreaking her revenge on me.

That grass is covered in goose poop.

Thanks, pug.



Filed under Action Pug, Pugs are Weird, Weather

6 responses to “Puggie Payback

  1. Sandi

    Love it !!!!!


  2. Wow, goose poop! I hope she remembered to apply it generously! 🙂


  3. Hahaha! I actually think she wasn’t aware of the goose poop. She got another plonk in the lake after that – better Lake Pug than Poop Pug!!!


  4. Haha she actually looked kinda happy in the first picture.


  5. GG

    Gracie prefers to take her goose poo internally…


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