Making Peace

Tilly and Lola grew up together. They are old buddies who get excited when they see each other. Well – Tilly gets excited when she sees Lola.

Which is all a bit odd, you see, because for reasons that are deeply mysterious to me, at least, Lola has a slathering hate-on for Golden Retrievers.

Despite having one in her immediate family AND having one as a best friend, The Pug goes into a blind rage whenever she sees one on the street, and even the mention of the words “Golden Retriever” sends her into an angry barking frenzy.

I’m not kidding.

So what a surprise when we went to visit Tilly yesterday, and found not one, but TWO Goldens!

Tilly’s brother, Dash, had come to visit!

Perfect time to help The Pug out a bit with her social issues:

Tilly, Dash and Lola

Perhaps it is because Dash is just that – very dashing – and so very gentle. Perhaps it is because the three dogs teamed up to bark away imaginary raccoons all evening (sorry neighbours). Perhaps Lola is simply starved for male attention … but she seemed to be slowly reconciling herself to the fact that not ALL Goldens are terrible creatures…

By the end of the evening, in fact, Lola seemed to be quite taken with the gentle giant. So much so, that Tilly just kinda gave up, and moved over to the people for some attention and skritches.

Will wonders never cease.

Pug. How about we remember this beautiful moment the next time we pass a random Golden on the street, okay?

I would say our work here is done. At least for this weekend.


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6 responses to “Making Peace

  1. Great post with very lovely pictures.


  2. Yeah!!!! We finally made the blog!
    Tilly & Dash xo


  3. Cindy Marron

    What a terrific post Jane. Loved it.
    Post again!


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