When Playdates Aren’t Enough

My efforts to get The Pug excited about being indoors on these hot days are now falling on two sets of very deaf ears.

You don’t need to say anything, girls – I hear you loud and clear.


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2 responses to “When Playdates Aren’t Enough

  1. Indoor romps with Stuffed Squirrel and Laughing Dog are getting real wild at our house. I have put my black pug, Roxy, on a new diet called Frommes thanks to Lola’s advice. Roxy is like a puppy again. I can honestly say that within two weeks she has shown improved breathing and general brightness. I was delighted when she was able to perform her little trick of saying, “I love you”, for the 1st time in a long while for Carla, her friend at RBC. Thanks Lola for the great food tip and stay cool.


  2. YAY, ROXY! It’s a really good food. SO happy to hear she’s thriving on it. Perhaps a play date is in order!


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