The Pug Days of Summer

It’s been SO hot outside recently, so The Pug stays inside in air conditioned splendour (a must for a pug – I’m not kidding) for most of the day.

Our activities have been reduced to short breaks outside and walks only when the sun don’t shine.

We have been lucky to pay Nelly a few visits in her air conditioned palace this week. Who can resist a good play with a BFF?

By the looks of it, Nells is sure happy to have the company….

Kisses to you both, girls.

We love you to bits, you know.


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2 responses to “The Pug Days of Summer

  1. Nellie really is smiling! That is so cute.
    If you think of the pug in terms of its illustrious history we must wonder how they fared in the parts of China that had a hot summer. I find with Roxy that as long as she is not asked to move a muscle she can tolerate the higher temperatures.


  2. Ah, yes – Lola barely moves a muscle, as well – alas, her abode becomes a bit of a steam box in the hotter months. Intolerable for humans, which means little pugs in their fur coats would expire without the AC!


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