Bocce Pug

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as playing a civilised game of bocce on a summer weekend.

It would appear that The Pug agrees.

Oh, pug…please don’t move that little ball…I was actually WINNING, you see…

…it’s not your squeakie ball, sweetie, it’s…


Wildlife on the bocce court!

Time for a refill, I suppose.


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6 responses to “Bocce Pug

  1. Sequoia and Tuni and Emma

    Lola is too funny! We love her little look of mischief before she decided to chew on it.


  2. Lola, I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident and wanted to say hello. It is always a good day when I find another Canadian blogging Pug.


  3. Pug bloggers RAWK! And thank you, Sequoia, Tuni and Emma – yes – Lo has that little mischief look a LOT these days. Maybe it’s her middle age?


  4. Hi Lola, Winston here. Well I never played that game befores but you look like yous are a professional at it! Next time yous is out west here would you teach me this Bocce game?


  5. Cat

    My husband and I have a Pug obsession, even though we do not have Pugs but Finnish Lapphunds. I can now say that since I wandered over here from Montreal Dog Blog, Lola’s site has become our favourite Pug stop! This post in particular is just hilarious! I love Lola!


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