New Friends

One of The Pug’s favourite places to visit on our walks is the local pet food store.

She never gets the treats that they hand out to dogs (who obviously have better gastro systems than the Princess), but she does love to snuffle up the invisible motes of kibble dust on the ground. There are cats there, too, which is always a good thing…unless the cat’s name is Minnie (more on Minnie in a later post).

The store has a new, part-time greeter now, much to my delight.

I think, however, that The Pug was trying to pretend that nothing had changed.

Right behind you, girl.

Yah. That’s the blur of a puppy.

Better keep a close eye on this one, pug.

His feet are the size of Christmas hams.

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One response to “New Friends

  1. Oh dear Lola….. don’t you just hate change. I do! A part time greeter now!!!! with huge feet!!!! Yup stick with it girl… pretend that nothing has changed and maybe this greeter will eventually get the message and “take a hike”.



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