Miss Emma (or The Trouble with Terriers)

Miss Emma is part of Lola’s much loved extended family.

The Pug does not actually acknowledge Emma’s existence, which is rather a shame, as you can see how beautiful and playful she is…

…all she wants to do is play and chase and be loved and play some more and did I mention play?

Poor Emma. (we say that a lot about her, actually)

Deep down, the pug loves you. Deep, deep down.

Well. Okay. WE love you, dear girl.

Ed. Note: It is next to impossible to get a decent shot of Lola and Emma together, as Lola appears to be magnetically repelled from terriers in all forms (except the Bostonian kind). This doesn’t mean that we won’t keep trying.


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2 responses to “Miss Emma (or The Trouble with Terriers)

  1. Emma is a cutie. Don’t worry Emma we do luv you even if the pug is indifferent!


  2. Lea Allen

    Oh Lola, how can you resist those adorable ears. Look how the fur drapes so beautifully. How does Emma move that big red ball along?


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