About this Internet Dating Thing….

Lola and Winston are Blog Buddies.

We were looking forward to meeting Winston about a week from now, at a local pug meetup, but as it happened, The Man and I chose a new beach to take The Pug to the other day, and look who we randomly bumped into…

Two pugs, one small black pug, and one larger fawn pug, sit on a beach in the sunshine with long, green grass behind them.

Well. It doesn’t look all that promising, as far as first dates go, does it?

Perhaps they were overwhelmed with emotion. Or maybe they were just shy because their people were so close by.

At least they warmed up…a little bit…to each other by the time we had to leave.

Two pugs, one small black pug, and one larger fawn pug, sit on a beach in BC with the sunshine on them.

These online dates can be a bit awkward at first, yes?

I’m not sensing that we have the Romance of the Century on our hands here, but perhaps they will learn to love to each other a bit more in time. Maybe they’re just British.

For more fun with handsome Winston the Pug, you can follow him on his blog.

Update: The little man wrote a post about meeting Lola. …it *must* be true love!


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5 responses to “About this Internet Dating Thing….

  1. Sequoia and Tuni and Emma

    Hello Lola you are a fun pug! We saw the post via Winston’s blog and had to visit your site. We read some of your posts and we think you are so funny and true. Emma wanted to let you know Lola she pees like a boy too….she even tries to mark things too. Maybe this means you two are tom-boy pugs 🙂

    Sequoia Tuni and Emma


  2. So happy to meet you, Sequoia, Tuni and Emma! We heard MUCH about you from Winston’s people, and we are eagerly following your adventures. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to meet you in person one day soon.

    Love and pug snuffles.


  3. HEE HEE oh Lola yous is funny girl! Shhhh don’t tell my girlfriend Tuni she will be sooooo jealous of us! BOL


    ps it was totally pawsome meeting yous guys!


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