Epic Pug

This shall be the portrait that is used when Lola Pug takes over the planet:

A black pug lies on a green bed with a sunbeam dramatically lighting her from behind as she quizically and yet regally looks at the camera.

…just don’t tell anyone that she’s all puffy fluffy from her springtime bathie wathie, K?


Filed under Hello Sunbeam

2 responses to “Epic Pug

  1. Lea Allen

    As always making me laugh in the am, thanks pug nation.
    She already does rule. Cleopatra in her last life. How about that heat. I have a ice pack for R’s neck, I am testing it today. Why do I refuse to turn on the air? I think its the Scottish heritage, I hear the bagpipes playing.


  2. uh oh…. Lola has competition….. you see my pug pal Dickens is going to be taking over the planet. We always call him “planet Dickens” when we see him cuz we swear he is plotting his take over very very soon….. once he figures out how!



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