Incoming! …Part 1

The weather here has been *gorgeous* recently, and Lola and I have taken full advantage of it. We are lucky to have some very lovely, dog-habituated parks nearby for our longer, early-summer strolls.

Needless to say, The Pug does not pander for friendship of either the canine or human variety. She generally watches other dogs from a respectful distance and waits for them to come to her. But of course. Why should Royalty extend themselves?

And if she waits long enough and looks cute enough (like that’s hard for her), the attention usually, actually, does turn to her. Magnetic to people and dogs alike, she is…

A black pug sits in a sunny, green field of grass, waiting for her three small canine friends to join her in play.

Are you ready, pug?

Stay tuned….


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One response to “Incoming! …Part 1

  1. That is quite the backyard you have created for HRH. She is so like the regal – confident in her position on the field and satisfied to watch her subjects romp.
    Has the grass ever been greener?


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