You Tell ’em, Pug.

I try hard to respect the fact that some people don’t want dogs around in some public places. A lot of this prejudice surely has to do with the few inconsiderate dog folks who won’t stoop and scoop, or who don’t have appropriate control over their beasties in public places.

I’m sure these feelings are similar to how I feel about having my dinner/gallery visit/latte/life in general rudely interrupted by out of control children with oblivious parents.

Lola is generally very well behaved, and we *always* stoop and scoop in this family. And this is right beside a park. In a VERY doggie neighbourhood. And. Well. To be honest, that’s clearly NOT a pug on the sign.

…and yes. My dainty, little Princess pees like a boy sometimes. Okay. Often times.

She totally cracks me up.



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2 responses to “You Tell ’em, Pug.

  1. Sandi

    Too cute HRH – Tooo cute !


  2. yup that is right Lola if the sign doesn’t display a pug well that must mean we are excluded!! How does that saying goes….. if it ain’t a pug it is just a dog!



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