It. Is. Time.

Just in case you thought I was kidding…

The Vigil (aka It’s Dinnertime, Human) will take place in any house, under any circumstance, at the same time pretty much every day, as dictated by the infallible Puggie Mean Time Internal Atomic Kibble Clock.

The pug is a freak.

A deadly serious freak.



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4 responses to “It. Is. Time.

  1. Lea Allen

    My pug will nuzzle my leg when she feels her dinner time has passed. I will feel this gentle intermittened pushing at the back of my leg. As I get her dins ready there will be several peroettes and yelps as I count out her 3 scoops.
    We call in spin-a-rama and it was taught to her when she was young by her best friends, the triplets.


  2. Haha! spin-a-rama sounds awesome! Who on earth are the triplets?


    • Lea Allen

      The Triplets lived in the back and to the right of our house when Roxy was a puppy. They are now 2 lovely teen girls and 1 very handsome boy, they were at the time determined to dress her up in build-a-bear costumes, she loved them to bits.
      Roxy is holding a vigil at this very moment, won’t move out of the kitchen area. She has not been well, call for gruesome details, too gross to enter into here….


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