Helloooooo, Ladies!

Contrary to what you might believe at this point, Lola does have friends who are not pugs. I’m not sure that the little man below qualifies in this category, as his breed is part-pug, but he’s not called “part-pug”, or “semi-pug”…he’s called Rocco, and he’s a Brussels Griffon.

Griffies are, in general, really quite different from any other breed I have met. Rocco is a lover, not a thinker. He’s all man, and yet, strangely…not at all man. Kind of “The Artist Formerly Known As…” of the dog world.

Whereas Lola has definite social divisions between her friends, mortal enemies, and the boy dogs she’s sweet on, Rocco loves everyone equally, regardless of age, sex or temperament. He’s either highly enlightened, or completely oblivious. Perhaps the two are one and the same.

Rocco and Lola (not to be confused with Madonna’s children – and no further questions will be answered at this time) have a special relationship whereby Lola pretends to suffer his company and put up with him, but she secretly loves him – possibly – and they pee inside on furniture together.

Rocco is a welcome fixture in Lola’s world, and you have certainly not seen the last of him here.


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6 responses to “Helloooooo, Ladies!

  1. ali

    Love that Rocco!


  2. Sandi

    Awwwww – Finally the true confessions of Lola & Rocco !!!!!!


  3. Lorene

    Awww little SpongeBOB Rocco has such a nice girlfriend!


  4. He is irresistible, Lorene!


  5. He is an irresistible little man, indeed!


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