Anatomy of an Easter Feast

Little, fuzzy pipe-cleaner chickens are one of my favourite things about Easter.

We thought it was time for the pug to meet a chicken – under controlled circumstances, of course.

Things started out well…

…Lola sat and patiently listened to the explanation of what Fuzzy Chicken was…

…the lip smacking should have been my tip-off…

…that Fuzzy Chicken sounded like a delicious, new friend….

No Fuzzy Chicken for you, pug.

Lesson of the Day: Just because it’s smaller than you, doesn’t mean you can eat it.


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4 responses to “Anatomy of an Easter Feast

  1. Angie McKaig

    LOL! Important lesson to learn… 😉 Silly Lola!


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  3. Yes, Little fuzzy pipe cleaner chickens – wow – what was that all about anyways……Thanks for keeping us in you world.
    Lea and Rocy


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