It’s Dinnertime Somewhere in the World

Things get pretty intense around mealtimes in Lola’s world.

There is NO WAY I could EVER miss a meal of hers, thanks to her atomic, internal kibble clock.

I’ll be completely engrossed in a project or task, and suddenly I’ll start to feel oddly aware…as if someone is watching me…

…burning a hole through my skull with an unblinking stare…quietly reminding me that IT IS TIME…

…or that it eventually will be time in an hour or so and I’d better not forget or go anywhere ’cause that’s really my only purpose in this household and Terrible Things Will Happen should I not fulfill my duty…

Seriously. I can’t escape the vigil. She won’t let me out of her sight for a second.

You sure can be creepy sometimes, pug.


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5 responses to “It’s Dinnertime Somewhere in the World

  1. Sandi

    Hilarious HRH !!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Lea Allen

    Footi, ball with feet, the only thing that trumps FMB, fill my bowl. I do know the FMB stare, drilling down into my consciousness from somewhere in the vacinity, accross a crowded room, out in the car, even for a strole. She will all of a sudden stop and turn about face back to the bowl vault.


  3. It’s crazy how they can say so much (and say it so very effectively) without saying anything.


  4. Christie

    Ginny, our cat, does the same thing. I call it her Jedi-mind-trick stare. This made me laugh SO hard!!


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