Date with a Dog Park

Why I even bother to take HRH to dog parks escapes me, but I do. Sometimes there will be a surprise little buddy to romp with, but rarely does the pug, who is very aloof and choosy about who she mingles with, find a kindred spirit to play with.

Some parks work harder than others to be friendly, and we found this park to be quite amusing and welcoming, in it’s way.

The pug, however…

Clearly, someone believes we have overdressed her for her date with this rather boorish specimen.


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2 responses to “Date with a Dog Park

  1. Sandi

    Can you blame HRH ??!! He seems to have a rather ” stiff ” personality !!!!!!
    Sooo not her type or style !!!!!


  2. Ruby, the Queen of all she Surveys

    It’s rather rude of him to greet her with his leg up. There are morals — even in the animal kingdom. Present the butt for sniffing, maybe — but lifting the leg???? I gotta wonder how serious HE is about meeting dates.


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