Adventures in Fish

We take the pug on Adventures (another powerful word in this house) as much as we can. She loves the … adventure … and we love her company. Plus, excursions tire her out. Bonus all around.

Despite having a couch potato reputation, pugs (especially the black ones, it seems) can have a surprising amount of feist in them. Lola, at 6 years old, has slowed down quite a bit from her puppy days (thank dog), but I’m hoping she keeps her energy levels up as she gets older, ’cause it sure is fun to have her along everywhere.

After her one-way, passive aggressive showdown with the fishmonger last week, we thought it would be fun to take her to the mother lode of fisheries for a sniff and a scope around.

The smells and sights were great, but her enthusiasm started to wane when we stopped at a pug-friendly location to grab a bite to fill our hungry, human bellies.

Although very good at waiting, it isn’t the pug’s favourite thing to do. When it became apparent that the snacks were for us, and not her, she pulled out the pouty card, and not even the seagulls or passing, friendly pooches could lift her out of her deep well of self-pity.

There is no sadder thing on earth than a pug denied a french fry.

Honestly, pug.


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4 responses to “Adventures in Fish

  1. Christie

    I want a picture book series called “Honestly, Pug.” It would be honestly awesome.


  2. Sandi Beaudoin

    I agree with Christie !!! I think it would be great !!!!!!! Get writing darling !!!!


  3. Haha! Thank you! Lola certainly is a good subject for that most excellent title!


  4. Lea Allen

    Fishing boats tied up to floating docks, you guys who we miss when you bilocate, shots of Kits Beach and Honestly Pug could you please keep up us to date on all adorableness?


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