When She Walks Down the Street…

…sing it with me, children of the 70’s…

…she smiles at eeeeeveryoonnne…

There’s something about Roxy that makes me hum that tune whenever I see her. I figure every dog has *their* theme song. You know – the song that plays continually in the background of their canine minds as they go through their doggie life – and Roxy’s song, most definitely, is the theme to the King of Kensington.

I can’t say Roxy’s name around the pug, because it gets her all happy and excited, as if Roxy might be just around the corner, waiting to play or gang up on someone with her.

Yah. Roxy can tough it out in the schoolyard. She kind of runs the ‘hood. Lola makes a good show of being tough, but Roxy’s actually got the muscle, you know?

Lola often gets mistaken for Roxy when we are out and about, even though they look nothing alike, and we look *nothing* like Roxy’s people. I am sure it’s simply because they are both black pugs, as they really couldn’t be more different once you get to know them.

The size difference, alone, should be the tip-off:

If anything, Roxy looks vaguely more like her cousin, and Lola’s half-sister, Nelly. (Honestly, pugs, your relationships are soap opera dramas)

…she’s the puggie’s champion…and when destiny calls her….

Your dog has a theme song. Trust me.



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9 responses to “When She Walks Down the Street…

  1. Sandi Beaudoin

    LMAO !! Lola I live to read your blog !!! Waaaaay funny !
    Love ,Sandi & the gang


    • Roxy's Mom

      These are very lucky dogs. They must have saved the emporer or some such in a past life. They are bred to be adorable. Lola and Roxy are working hard to fulfill their life’s work.


  2. Christie

    Oh yes. Our George has a theme song. It’s the “wah, wah, wah, waaaaaah” sound that they make on The Price Is Right whenever someone guesses the wrong price.


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