She’s Got Legs….

This, believe it or not, is teaching Lola to recognise that she has back legs:

The pug simply *adores* going to class. The words “class” and “agility” are pure magic to her, and they hold great power in this household.

Most dogs love the physical and mental challenge of a good class with a good instructor. It teaches me tonnes, too, and I love that it distracts her from pondering global domination for a while.

In the end, though, it’s all about communication. And I think we all get smarter when we learn to communicate better.


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2 responses to “She’s Got Legs….

  1. Sandi Beaudoin

    I love following the ” adventures ” of the Divene Miss Lola !!!
    Hope you are writing a book !!!
    Love yah both lots !!!!


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