Birthday Girl

The Girl celebrated her birthday this past weekend, and that gave us the perfect excuse to lay on some extra smooches and love … much to her complete horror.

We had a gloriously sunny and crisp morning that was perfect for a long pug walk, and featured lots of fire hydrant and friendly-dog butt sniffing along the way.

Lola’s delicate constitution has been a boon to vet clinics across the country, so an edible birthday treat was out of the question. But no birthday is complete without a little bit of dressing up and a gift to unwrap, so we got out a favourite sweater, and gave her … in spades … the toy that she (currently) loves most …

… she was pretty much vibrating with excitement when we presented her gift to her …

… and she made no bones about claiming immediate ownership of her new treasure.

I can’t believe its been six years since she came home.

Little monster.


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One response to “Birthday Girl

  1. Joanne Gillespie

    Oh my doG, your six years old. Sorry I missed your birthday Lola. It seems like yesterday when your owner brought you home one sunny warm day. You were the size of a hamster, a small one too. Happy Birthday
    auntie So


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