Family Ties

Nelly and Lola discovered each other on a wintery walk, about four years ago. There was something vaguely similar about the two pugs, and, after chatting for a bit with Nelly’s people, we realised that Lo and Nells were half-sisters with the same gorgeous father, Champ.

Nelly lives a few streets over from us, and whenever her family goes away, she comes to stay at Casa Lola for a spell. This has been one of those lucky weeks.

Lola adores Nells, but isn’t always so thrilled to have to share the attention. This means that Lo lies sulking in the background a lot – for the first few days, at least.

Nelly is family to us in the real sense, but we are smitten with her because – despite physical challenges – she has the sweetest heart and the most enthusiastic, gung-ho attitude towards her life and everyone she meets.

Kind of the anti-Lola, in some ways.

But they love each other, and they are both loved dearly, so life is pretty good, I’d say.


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