Like All Great Divas…

…Lola has her share of rivals – certain dogs who will throw her into a rabid slather whenever she sees, hears or vaguely smells them in her vicinity.

I’m never sure why she picks to hate on the dogs that she does – there’s no perceivable pattern to her choices. I chalk it up to being one of the Mysteries of The Pug.

There is one nemesis, however, who holds no such mystery for me…

Feared by large neighbourhood dogs (who refuse to cross the street if they see her on the other side), and outlandishly aware of her good pug looks, Gracie is the Joan Collins to Lola’s Linda Evans. The Veronica to her Betty. The Little Kim to her Nicki Minaj. Gracie fired the first shot, and Lola has never forgotten, to put it mildly.

Truth be told, Gracie loves people, not pugs, and she has mellowed into a grey, sweetly deaf and very lumpy old dame who simply wants to eat, sleep and be happy…just as Lola has reached the apex of her beeotch ways.

Gracie, I apologise for Lola’s foaming hatred of you…even though you did kinda draw the gun first.


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