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Weekend Reminder

Just in case you forgot it was Friday afternoon, Nelly would like to remind you that you should be thinking about leaving work RIGHT NOW, and heading to that special summer place. The cottage, your hammock, the back porch, that park with all the squirrels in it….


Even if you don’t have a cottage to go to, or a fridge full of frosty drinks to dive into, stay cool and get some chill time to relax.

Nelly told you to.

And you *don’t* want to disappoint Nelly.


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It’s Too Darn Hot


It’s hot and really humid here today.

It’s the kind of humid that opens up the pores of the earth and brings out all of those soaked-in smells that really are better left un-smelled. By humans, at least. Because I’m betting they’re dog-friendly smells.



See? It’s too hot even for the pugs to enjoy being outside for long.

Only the cicadas seem to be happy today, and even then, they might simply be screaming for mercy.

Okay. One more minute, littles, then it’s inside, to bask in the AC flow and gnaw on ice chips.

Stay cool, everyone!


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Weekend Training

Oh, Hai, Nelly!


We are overjoyed to have Nells with us for the upcoming Canada Day weekend, and we’ve been in serious training mode for all of the relaxing ever since she arrived at our door.

Relaxing takes much training and vigilance, you know…


One of the joys of having Nells with us is her absolute inability to be serious for very long. Whereas Lola Pug is quite serious quite a lot of the time, Nelly is a full-on happy as a clam cheeseball…


Hey, Nells. Your mouth is open so wide, I can see down to your tail.

Although Lola still maintains the Place of Honour on my lap, her sister does not in any way miss out on the fun, and she has her own special spot when we all sit down together.


Little weirdo.

Oh, the adventures that await us, girls.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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Pug Meetup!

The Pug and I are lucky in that the cities we travel to most often have good pug populations, so we get a lot of variety in both our socialising and our scenery.

Every so often, we’re lucky enough to be in town for the more formal pug play dates. There’s nothing quite so wonderful (or hilarious) as seeing a bunch of pugs running around and playing together.

Lola doesn’t exactly approach these events with as much enthusiasm as I do.

I don’t think Lola even identifies herself as being “pug”.

Lola’s life is, I believe, *very* dramatic in her own mind…


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Nanook of the Cozy Bed

No one resents weather quite like The Pug, and this latest (and first of the year) deep freeze that has hit us has been duly noted in HRH’s record book.

We finally got snow the other day, and since then, the mere suggestion of an outdoor excursion has been met with deep suspicion and disgust.

Oh, come ON, pug, your bladder is *really* only so big, and don’t you want to sniff around and see what’s happening outside?

Yah. I see your point.

Move over, bunny. I’m crawling in beside you.


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Pug Meet Up – Part the Second

Wow. Lola and I have been so caught up in our adventures, we’ve been unable to update the blog as much. It’s time to get caught up!

Remember last weekend’s Marine Park meet up? Well – it wasn’t ALL about puppies … although they did kind of hijack the whole “attention to the big pugs” kind of plan.

So, while the people were busy basically ignoring anything that wasn’t a puppy, the other pugs got up to being pugs….

The Chuck-It is *always* a welcome addition to any pug meet up.

The handsome (and very mischievous) Dickens, waiting for his ball.

Lola and her new friend, Bella. Tiny, suspicious, black girl pugs!

Winston being all epic and majestic by the ocean.

Lola and Winston - reunited again.

It was a great surprise to see Lola and Winston *almost touch each other*!

We suspect it had to do with the trauma of the puppies, as they seemed to share similar thoughts on their people fawning over the little ones.

Winston posted some more photos on the horrifying …I mean FUN … event here, on his blog.


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Party with the Puglets

Last weekend, Lola was invited to go to an ocean-side romp with a group of her West Coast pug friends.

It promised to be a delightful occasion, and one we were very eager to attend. Seeing a dozen or so happy pugs snorfeling around together is one of the most joyful things a pug person can behold.

The only thing that could conceivably trump it, in terms of sheer delight, is…

…yes. A basket full of TINY BLACK PUG PUPPIES!!!

One of the pug meet up regulars had brought their pug puppies with them for some careful socialisation before they went to their new, forever homes.


I brought The Pug over to meet the wee ones, thinking she might whisper a few words of big-pug wisdom into their ears.

Alas, the love-fest was completely one-sided.

Never one to be misinterpreted, The Pug told me loud and clear what she thought of these puppy shenanigans.

My dear Lola Pug… as tempting an idea as it was, we managed to resist the irresistible, and we did not bring home a little sibling for you.

I just couldn’t take a lifetime of that look from you.

The Pug did have fun, otherwise, though…more to come from the Meet Up in days ahead!


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Wordless Wednesday – September


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Wherever I Lay My Pug Hat

Oh, the life of a jet setting pug.

…catching the last days of summer, wherever we can find it.


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Pug in a Pickle

Pickles are one of my favourite summertime treats. Sour, slightly bitter and really delicious beside a sandwich.

The pug seems to have got herself INTO a pickle, however, and that’s a bit of a different thing…

…although the “sour and slightly bitter” sure will come into play – even after I wade in there and rescue the little darling.


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