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Travelling Pug

Lola Pug and I are active and happy travellers, but we’ve been grounded for a while due to a few LP-related medical questions we’ve been looking to answer.

So it was a great celebration when Lola Pug’s veterinarian, Dr. Deji, gave her the okay to FINALLY fly again. To mark the occasion, Dr. Liver Hands gave LP a well deserved treat.



…and I immediately logged into my computer to book our first flight in months.

Lola Pug has seen way too many Valentino documentaries, so her idea of a flight that is appropriate to her status is something like this…




…but her reality is somewhat less glamorous….



The Pug has always been a great traveller, and this was a short flight, so it wasn’t long before we were peeing on foreign foliage, and leaving little calling cards for friends we hadn’t yet met.



And where have we ended up, you might ask?

Well. Somewhere with PUGS, of course!

Well, HELLO, Donald! We’re happy to see you, too!



Donald’s family (Angel Payton’s people) and I have been friends for ages, but this was our first time meeting Donald and his amazing sister, Daisy in person.  D&D were adopted from PugHearts of Houston a couple of years ago, and they quickly wormed their way into my heart through photos and videos. I also had a sneaking suspicion that Daisy and Lola Pug were soul sisters (but more on that later).

Daisy and Donald welcomed us into their Pugmobile and we were whisked away for a very exciting first day in their forever hometown.






We boarded a (PUG FRIENDLY!) boat, and Lola Pug settled in for a fun and educational tour of our home for the next few days.



Not bad, eh?



…real life Gotham, anyone?



Now, Donald had been on this particular tour before, so the gorgeous scenery didn’t impress him so much.



…maybe he’s a bit nearsighted…



…because even the Little Princess was impressed.



But the tour eventually came to an end, and we traded history and waterways…



…for…history and carnivals….



Hey, pugs! You up for a day on the town?



I’ll call that as an affirmative vote, so let’s gather up our city trekking gear, and we’ll see you all in the next blog post!















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Pugs in Hats

As you might recall, The Pug has benefited in small ways from my recently adopted crochet hobby (remember her crochet squeaky ball?), but you might also recall that she has lost some major dignity points because of it, as well….

black pug lies in a bed wearing a pink crochet hat touque


I had an itch to pull out my hook and make something new, but Lola Pug already had a hat, so what to do? There simply MUST be some pugs out there who would LOVE a wee toque.

I met Peggy the pug while transporting her to her foster home, and I fell in love with her *immediately*. Mocha is also a rescue pug, and he’s been a beloved staple of our famous Pugalug gatherings for years. They are both absolutely darling creatures who are now brother and sister, and this made them prime candidates for some good old crochet loving.

I went and picked out some wool just for them, and got to work.

Quite a few hours (and many, many chuckles) later, I packaged their surprise gift up, along with an awesome card by Rainbow Pugs, and handed it all to the postman…

Pink and a grey handmade crocheted touques for pugs with a Rainbow Pugs card


Mocha and Peggy’s Mum, Candace (who took these photos of her babies), was tickled with the surprise gift, but I’m not so sure it hit any balls out of the park as far as the pugs were concerned.

Two older, rescued fawn pugs wear hand crocheted touque hats and stare at each other in disbelief


In fact, I might go so far as to say they might not give me any kisses when I see them next…

Two older, rescued fawn pugs wear hand crocheted touque hats and look at the camera in disbelief


…aaaaand I might be reaching a bit even thinking they will ever let me get even remotely close to them again.

I fully expect the pugs will find some way to pay me back for this, but in the meantime, I shall smile and laugh and repeat these words in my head…

I would not like this
here or there.
I would not like it
I do not like
my winter hat.
I do not like it,
That is THAT!


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Puppy Love

Is there anything better to do on a Sunday than visit a PUPPY?

I certainly can’t think of too many other things.

Fortunately for me, Miss Merryweather has a new little sister, so last weekend, I invited myself over to meet the wee mite.

Everyone – meet RUBY!


The thinking was that Ruby needed an older, engaged role model to show her the ropes, as Miss Merryweather really isn’t that into having little paws all up in her grill these days.

Just for size comparison sake…


Seriously. I die.

Ruby immediately took to Lola Pug…


…but I’m pretty sure the love was one sided.

After a bit of floor romping, Her Royal Highness was lifted to a puppy-free zone, where a certain someone tried and tried, but just couldn’t get up to play with her new, favourite friend.

It won’t be long before Ruby can jump up on that sofa, and when she does, I’ll be there, with my “real” camera, and lots and lots of love and treats for the long suffering adult pugs in the room.

…for more Ruby and Merryweather, you can always visit the Merrylog!



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Pug Buddies Meetup

There’s nothing quite so much fun as seeing long lost friends, so when the Pug Signal was sent out earlier this week, LP and I got our coats on and headed out to catch up with some of our favourite pugs and their people.

The Man of the Hour is always the dashing and handsome Mr. Winston Wilbur, and we were thrilled to see him there in his chariot…


…and his brother, Sam Cooper, of course. It’s simply not a party until Sam Cooper arrives.


Sam Cooper checked in on his brother when he wasn’t running all of the big dogs out of the party.


The irrepressible Dickens was there, as well. Just weeks away from celebrating his 12th birthday, he scoffed at any suggestions that he’s a senior citizen…


…but he might forgive you (and show you his toofers) if he thinks you might have treats.


Pugs in sweaters…


…naked pugs….


Little Gracie here seemed to be a bit alarmed at the number of pugs around her.


Even Lola Pug got a bit overwhelmed, but a marvellous start to 2014 was had by all, and we’re looking forward to seeing our friends again before too long.









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A Week of Sleepovers

We’ve had a REALLY busy little while at Casa Lola recently, with a bit of a revolving door of awesome canine family members coming to stay with us for short stints.

First up was my (slightly hairier) sister, Misty, who was with us for a couple of nights.


Misty, aka The Land Manatee, is an old, gentle gal who is SUPER easy and absolutely delightful to live with. She could really use some good juju, too, as she’s working her way through a slightly mysterious health issue right now.

After Misty went back home, we opened our doors to my goddogs, and Lola’s adoring nemeses, The Fuppies!


Boz and Murphy (Boz is on the right) have done quite a bit of growing since they were last featured on the blog, but they are still clearly as cute (and almost as crazy) as ever.

I actually think that Lola Pug secretly adores them, but she’s always been a bit protective of her personal space (a non-existent concept to the Fuppies), so maybe she wasn’t having as much fun with them as I was.

I think Lola might have been relieved to see their Auntie pick them up and take them home.


And now, to wind up the week, the little angel princess Miss Merryweather, is with us for a couple of nights. (she’s snuggled up on the sofa beside me right now, in fact)


All in all, Lola has been an excellent host, and she hasn’t made *too* much of a fuss about sharing me with our family guests…but I think that someone might be needing a stretch of one-on-one mama-pug time pretty soon…


…time that I actually might not be invited to, judging by the look on her face.

I know, for a fact, that the Little Miss will be bored within hours…okay, perhaps days…of our final guest leaving, so I think we’ll spend the rest of this lazy Sunday chilling out and appreciating this week of excellent house guests and great company.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


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Calling Your Bluff

Despite what they try to tell you, pugs cannot live on cuddles and kibble alone, so a few days ago, I suited the girls up, clipped them into their seatbelts, and took them off on a little adventure.

Yes, Lola. Merry gets your bed when she’s in the car. It’s all part of being a good host. Park your puffy lips of disapproval somewhere else, please. Well. Okay. They’re kinda cute. You can keep them.


I picked a place that would have LOTS of smells, and would be relatively stick-free for the sensitive eyeballs of the snorfelling, not-always-so-careful-when-surrounded-by-sharp-objects pugs.

Look, Girls!



Jeeze. Tough crowd.

Lola seemed to be more concerned about the warning signs of doom…


…but, really, there never was and never will be any chance of us even getting close to the edges of those cliffs.

Merry struck a pose, and was all provincially proud and beautiful with a field of white trilliums behind her…


All in all, although the walk was more of a meandering mosey than a hike, the girls were worn out from the adventures and the sniffing (and the pre-hike nail dremeling).


Despite the pugs trying to convince me that kibble and comfy beds are all they need, I know better.

There is nothing better than a happy, tired pug.

(And for those who will ask – Merryweather’s fashionable hoodie is by Ready to Wag London, and Lola Pug’s sweater was handmade with love by her late Grandma)


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The Food Beast

Our little guest, Merry, is everything a pug should be – adorable, (REALLY adorable), smart, deeply funny, incredibly sweet natured, and completely food obsessed.

Despite having extremely limited vision (you can see she is down to one, cataract-y eye), she bravely makes her way around, and she *always* manages to be where the food is.

Alas, her strategies to get food out of me are all for naught, as Casa Lola is strictly a non-begging household. But that doesn’t stop Merryweather…


The tiny claws of pain were raking the flesh off my legs this morning. I need to remember to wear thicker long pants in the kitchen from now on.

Merry is interested in ALL kinds of food.

She’ll snorfle for kale salad…


…she’ll even come and see what I might be eating when I’m in the bath.


I actually wouldn’t put it past her to jump right into my mouth to retrieve whatever it is I might be chewing at that moment….


Yah. I’m a little besotted with Miss Merryweather, if you can’t tell.

I think that Lola Pug might have tried to tell Merry that I’m a party-pooper in the food department, but hope springs eternal with this one.


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Creature Comforts

We often have our Pug (and Golden Retriever) family come to visit us at Casa Lola, and this week, we are playing host to one of Lola Pug’s best buddies, the lovely and delightful Miss Merryweather.

It usually takes a few days for our guests (and us) to settle into a routine that works for everyone, but Merry has fit in with our daily life pretty quickly.

She even helps me when I sit down to get to work…


…yup… there is space for me somewhere on this chair…


…if I could just squeeze in a little bit more, Miss Merry…


…that’s about right.

Nothing like starting a Wednesday with a great big smile on my face.

Oh. And you can stay here forever, little one. Just so you know.



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Mama’s Day

The children at Casa Lola all have four legs (if you aren’t counting the human who often acts like a child), and this Mother’s Day, I am very lucky to have the delightful Miss Merryweather staying with us.

Lola and Merry have known each other for about six years now, and they have always been buddies, due, in part, to Miss Merryweather’s unbelievably delightful personality (more on this in an upcoming post).

Unlike Nelly and Roxy, Merry is not *technically* family, but I have long maintained that family is who you choose it to be, and we overwhelmingly and most definitely choose Merry.


…even if we do have to share our beds with her when she comes to visit.

To all the mothers out there with two-legged, four-legged, three-legged!, winged, scaled or angel kids – Happy Mother’s Day.


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Pineapple Express Pugs

“The Pineapple Express” sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It sounds tasty. Sweet. Warm.

Well, it’s NOTHING like it sounds. It’s simply wet. Wetwetwet.

It’s been quite a while since we saw our West Coast pug friends, so we jumped at the chance to go to a pug gathering, despite the weather warnings.

Lucky for us, the Express held off for a bit, so we were able to see our buddies again, and have a rollicking, puggie time.

We met old friends…


…new friends…


…and even our buddy, Dickens, who has just celebrated his 11th birthday….


Being a public park, it wasn’t ALL pugs, of course. I’m a *total* sucker for Basset Hounds, so it was a real treat to meet this tennis ball obsessed girl…sweet lord, I mean LOOK AT HER BAGGY LEGS!


We were really looking forward to seeing Lola’s friend, Winston, again, but the weather wasn’t appropriate for a man of his nature, so he ended up staying at home in his cozy, warm bed.

We were very excited to meet Winston’s new brother, though. Here he comes…


The handsome and slightly camera shy Sam Cooper!

Sam Cooper came all the way from Midsouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee up to his perfect, new home in Vancouver, BC, and he couldn’t be happier!


Sam Cooper doesn’t seem to have much patience for larger dogs – a feeling that he and Lola Pug seem to share.

Sam Cooper and Lola Pug seemed to sense that our lucky spate of semi-decent weather was coming to an end…


…even little Meadow was bracing herself…


We should have been paying closer attention.

The heavens opened, and there was no staying dry, despite umbrellas and boots, so we ran back to the car, lead by a very unhappy Lola Pug.


Did I mention that she was unhappy about being so wet?


No worries, though. We got home, got dry and curled up in front of a lovely fire to dry off.

The fact that the sun came out (for the first time in over two weeks) that afternoon *almost* made up for the bone-soaking we got.

We can hardly wait to come back and see our buddies again – in the sunnier, dryer months!




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