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The traveling pug

The Dynamic Halloween Duo

Lola Pug has many, many Halloween costumes in her closet, and I always have a whole lot of fun picking out which one she’ll wear for the spooky evening.

That all being said, when we heard that her buddy, Boss, (he’s all grown up now) was going as the Dark Knight, I couldn’t help but add one more costume to her collection – retro style, of course…


Not that HRH would be a sidekick for just *anyone*, but perhaps just this one time, and perhaps just for Boss dawg.

Happy Halloween, all!

Stay safe and stay SPOOOOKY!


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Halloween Dress Rehearsal

We had a get together with the Griffies a little while ago so that the humans and the dogs could catch up on things – in our own, unique ways, of course.

As Halloween is coming up, we thought we would test out a few costumes. Purely for the dogs, of course. Not at all so we could laugh hysterically while we drank mimosas in the sunshine.

So, Lola. What do you think of our first pick for you?


Um. Yah.

Something about the way she’s looking at me tells me this might be a miss.

Even Boz and Clara were kinda careful around her when she was dressed as a fierce shark.


Clara seemed to be pretty content dressed up as a hot dog, so we tried it out on Lola…


…with even less success here.

Oh, what to do, Pug.

Halloween is only a few days away, and you can bet your fuzzy, little monkeyboots we’re all dressing up here again this year.

Back to the closet for us!


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Skye Loves Lola


Skye REALLY wanted to play with Lola, at least.

Lola? Not so much into it.

What a surprise.

Someone forgets what an insane, little puppy she once was.

And don’t worry, Lola Pug’s plea for rescue was heeded. I picked her up from where “the dog” was soon after this video was taken.

Honestly, Pug.


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Pugs and Border Collies

Lola Pug and I went on a little road trip to visit old friends this long weekend, and we had a lovely time chilling, noshing, and catching up.

The last humid days of summer are upon us, so we went into the backyard to cool down for a bit, Border Collie style….





Skye LOVES his water hose.

And herein lies one of the great differences between pugs and so many other dogs…

Me? I can’t get over Skye’s happy snapping chompers.

But Lola Pug clearly had more civilised pursuits in mind.

You’re a tough audience to please, Pug.


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Old Friends, New Friends…

…small friends, BIG friends!

Lola Pug isn’t generally enamoured with larger dogs… to put it very mildly. There are a few exceptions to the rule, and these are usually big dogs who are super gentle, or who are in love with (or indifferent to) smaller dogs.

Lola Pug’s friend, Georgia, however, fits into a category all her own….


Georgia and Lola were born within weeks of each other. Back in their puppyhood, Georgia’s Mum and I would often get together to compare our bloody fingers and toes given to us by the teething sharks while the little offenders would wrestle and play.

Despite Georgia’s typical GSP bounciness, she and Lola Pug love each other, and they are always happy to see each other.

When Lola and I were invited to go over and see Georgia’s new home out of town, we just couldn’t say no to a reunion, so we packed up the car and headed out for a visit.


On arrival, as it was a warm summer day, the wading pool was brought out, and Georgia made full, happy use of it.


Lola Pug. Not so much.

But unbeknownst to us, Georgia had invited some friends over!

Thankfully, they were all as lovely and sweet as Georgia, herself, so a lovely afternoon was had by all.

Group shot!


Well. At least the GSP’s look happy.

A successful visit overall, though, and every good encounter with a big dog might help LP get over her issues, so thank you, GSP’s, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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Summer Pug Stalking

Thank goodness for cooler weather!

The more humane temperatures have meant longer walks for HRH, and, seeing as it’s all about The Pug, we had a full-on “Pug’s Choice” walk the other day.

S0 guess where we ended up?


Yup. Right outside (and I do mean RIGHT outside) Lola Pug’s sister, Nelly’s, house….

But today wasn’t just ANY regular day of stalking…look who is coming out of the front door!


The Pug and I were both beyond excited to see little Nells, so I offered to take the little squeaker down the street for a walk with Lo.


Hey, girls, now that you’ve been reunited, what do you want to get up to?


After a little bit of secret pug discussion, it turned out they just wanted to hang out on the lawn and catch up on pug gossip.

All is well and all is good, and once again, Lola Pug has learned that relentless stalking works.

Well, at least we both win in this case.


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Heat Wave Pug

Although Big George Jr. is a valiant and sturdy member of our family at Casa Lola, he can really only do so much when the weather gets REALLY sticky.

(When did the term “Heat Wave” just become “Weather”? Thanks, global warming.)

So when the temperature in the bedroom starts to look like THIS…


…we migrate to the room that BG Jr. is living in. More for the pug than for me, to be honest. The poor Bean just can’t settle when it gets too hot, and being a pug, she has very few ways to cool herself down.

Someone (hint – it’s not me) sees this as a rather exciting, camping experience. She’s all set up with her water, her bonie, a cozy, cool place to rest, and her mama to snuggle with, should she so choose.

Even in the groggy, humid, very wee hours of the morning, she totally cracks me up.


Lucky pug?


Lucky mama?




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Family Cottage Time

What do you get when you have two independent, attention-loving pugs living (temporarily) in the same household?

Well, the one thing that you DON’T get is a good photo of both of them together, that’s for sure.

You’d think that the fresh air up north would be enough to break down their barriers, but, no. There can be only one. Apparently.

That’s quite the pout back there, Lola Pug….

Rox on Rocks by Dock

Oh. Nice, Roxy.


Ah, family.

You can love ‘em, but that doesn’t mean you have to share the spotlight – or anything, for that matter – with them.

That’s family, Casa-Lola style, at least.


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Calling Your Bluff

Despite what they try to tell you, pugs cannot live on cuddles and kibble alone, so a few days ago, I suited the girls up, clipped them into their seatbelts, and took them off on a little adventure.

Yes, Lola. Merry gets your bed when she’s in the car. It’s all part of being a good host. Park your puffy lips of disapproval somewhere else, please. Well. Okay. They’re kinda cute. You can keep them.


I picked a place that would have LOTS of smells, and would be relatively stick-free for the sensitive eyeballs of the snorfelling, not-always-so-careful-when-surrounded-by-sharp-objects pugs.

Look, Girls!



Jeeze. Tough crowd.

Lola seemed to be more concerned about the warning signs of doom…


…but, really, there never was and never will be any chance of us even getting close to the edges of those cliffs.

Merry struck a pose, and was all provincially proud and beautiful with a field of white trilliums behind her…


All in all, although the walk was more of a meandering mosey than a hike, the girls were worn out from the adventures and the sniffing (and the pre-hike nail dremeling).


Despite the pugs trying to convince me that kibble and comfy beds are all they need, I know better.

There is nothing better than a happy, tired pug.

(And for those who will ask – Merryweather’s fashionable hoodie is by Ready to Wag London, and Lola Pug’s sweater was handmade with love by her late Grandma)


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Marathon Pug

Despite my intentions to sit on my butt and eat croissants and chocolate as the marathoners passed by our home this morning, I found myself out with The Pug, cheering on the runners in their mad dash to the finish line (which was a long way off for them when they passed by Casa Lola).

I mean, what could be better for morale than seeing a PUG come out to cheer you on?


Ah. Yeah. Maybe not this pug.

She *did* bark at a few runners on our walk back home, so I take that as showing support. …although if I spoke fluent Pug, I would likely have heard something more along the lines of, “What! Are you people INSANE? Go back home and GO BACK TO BED!”

So much energy wasted, eh, Pug?

You’re right. Time for a nap, little one.

Too much excitement for one morning.


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