Pugs and Geckos and … ?

If you’re starting to think that Lola Pug and I did absolutely *nothing* on our trip to the southern states, you take home the grand prize, my friend.

Lola did, eventually, discover the geckos, and was mesmerised by them – even when they were standing still.

We went down to the dock one morning to find something that was perhaps a bit bigger than a gecko had clearly been wandering through the garden the night before.

Our friend, Bassa, will know – is this an iguana trail?

Whatever this was – it was bigger than a pug!

After learning from Bassa that iguanas can break a dog’s leg with a swish of their tail, I’m kinda happy we never saw one up close.

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9 responses to “Pugs and Geckos and … ?

  1. Geckos are cool – they can climb glass! Tall person says that the footprints don’t look like they were made by an iguana so I think you are safe Lola!

  2. Lola, I see you found the best spot around the pool to sunbathe…on your mum’s lap! I’m glad you had just a relaxing and lazy vacation. Maybe those tracks belong to a raccoon?

  3. I think that those are raccoon tracks. But it looks like only the front tracks.

    • Walking on his front legs? That’s what confused us, too. It didn’t smell very interesting to this pug, but there you have it. There were so many other things to smell.

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