Incoming … Part 2, The Finale

When we last left our favourite pug, she was in a state of moderate repose, watching the action in the neighbourhood park. The locals seemed to pay her some heed after a short while…

Never one to show her hand early, The Pug waits quietly…patiently…for one to break off from the herd…

Two black pugs play on a sunlit lawn in a beautiful park

Like a cobra lunging at it’s victim, The Pug leaps into action, paralyzing her unsuspecting prey…

Two black pugs pounce and play on a sunlit lawn in a beautiful park

…or something like that.

Roxy and Lola had a fabulous time at the park, and made a few, new friends, to boot.

Pugs being pugs, they preferred each other’s company, but one has to make concessions and reach out to the locals, you know?

Honestly, pugs.

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One response to “Incoming … Part 2, The Finale

  1. Yup Mum says that us pugs are kinda “prejudice”. We sure are like magnets when we see our own kind. I could sit in a room full of dogs and totally ignore each one….. throw a pug into the mix and I get super excited and have to go over and greet them.



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